Life happens between the plans, the moments, the expected routine, suddenly a turn in the street another acquaintance; a new thought can cause unexpected changes. Choices lead to other choices and it develops as the tree of life, the roots of experiences, cultural background, personal knowledge, personality the trunk of the decision making process and the fruits the outcome of this process.


I define decision making as selecting what is considered to be the best option for that time.


The time factor is very important here because it can be that a brilliant decision in one time turns out to be disastrous in another, not only that but the length of the decision making process has to be considered. If there is a good option and you can’t decide between it and what might turn out to be a better option, the time wasted on comparing the options might outdate both options and then a third and fourth one enters into life and the process might continue forever. The slow deciders are considered to be more balanced with a serious approach to every issue they tackle but from the other hand they lack the flexibility that is crucial for organic growth and survival in modern times. I call the very slow deciders circling planets, they are always immersed in their need for reassurance and energy thus every decision they make makes them more worried with the thought that they missed something.


The fast deciders are called exploding stars. Like our Sun they are full of energy transmitting light and warmth to all the planets surrounding them. It seems they don t make a fuss about the decision making process, they won’t torment themselves with months of research before any decision but rather decide and move on. They are wrong many more times compared to the circling planets, not only because they spend less time researching, but mainly because they are making many more decisions.


A good decision making team in an organization would have a mix of circling planets and exploding stars. The exploding star would determine the goal but not the route to achieve it. This would be the job of the circling planets. Like busy ants they would collect all information needed to build several alternatives from which the exploding star would choose.


Exploding stars must be watched carefully, they can’t live forever in high energy and when their energy is consumed they can explode. All stars in nature won't radiate light and energy forever. There is a point in which they explode and might end their lives as a white dwarf 0.001% of its original size, so the circling planets are crucial to maintain the skeleton of a decision making team.


Like many things in life, balance here is important. It might be that in a team true sharing takes place when the stars act a bit more planetary and the planets more starry, for the benefit of them all.


Have magic in your life.