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Breaking The Glass Ceiling


Since 2009 I've been traveling, meeting artists, teaching art and promoting the Current Art Group idea that art is a language without need of translation that brings people together and can remove social, economic or ethnic barriers.


In myriad conversations I had with artists I hear over and over the same questions:

What is the best way to live with dignity from my art?


How to present myself out of the studio?


What is the best way to approach galleries and museums?


How to be recognized as an artist?


To summarize all those questions in to one, how can I break the glass ceiling of the art world in my journey from anonymity to recognition?


There are excellent artists with art that belongs to the best museums in the world and yet they are enclosed in their studios with no future in the art world.


Renowned galleries have their closed list of artists. It is almost impossible for an unknown, emerging artist to enter this closed list, the same with museums, architects, interior designers, art dealers and collectors who are the influential people in the art world.


From this situation it ensues that the artist, it doesn’t matter how skilled and talented he or she is, is located on the bottom of the art chain. On Olympus there are the collectors, curators, gallery owners, art dealers; the artist is drawn to be the last priority though he produces the works to be sold. It is like the old farmers that get 30% from their farm product revenues that are sold in the big food chains.


On 2008 I founded the Current Art Group. One of the main aims of this group was to help artists to break the glass ceiling of the art world. There is a great power in the communion of artists, sharing ideas, studios and techniques can be a boon for every creative human being. In the Current Art Group we try to create a platform to enable artists all around the globe to express themselves by participating in exhibitions, workshops and art residencies.


As of August 2014 there are more than 5800 members in this group.

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