Black holes

Black holes are enigmatic areas in the universe from which no light or visual traces can be measured. Science know they exist only for the massive gravitational impact those holes have on their surroundings. Stars that are attracted to a black hole would disappear when they reach the point called the black hole event horizon, what happens inside black holes is unknown, there are many unproved theories amongst them the worm hole theory that speaks about passage through a time tunnel to a different time dimension. In our Milky Way galaxy exists a grand black hole named Sagittarius A its mass is about 3,000,000 Sun masses, our Solar system surrounds Sagittarius A in a 230,000,000 years orbit, we on Planet Earth circle this black hole, that circles much further gravitational area within the Virgo cluster , that contains our Milky Way galaxy.

Black holes are not only celestial enigmatic areas, there are black holes inside human beings, there are people attracted to black holes and there are black holes that swallow all light and energy around them. The only way to avoid black holes is to concentrate on white dots (this is the reason I use in my symbol 35 white dots). Light is so rare in the universe, but only light refute darkness and only stars and human beings can create light

Have magic in your life

Ted Barr