This phrase has multiple meanings. I chose it as the title of my entire art theme because it encapsulates the essence of human life.


The enigma of existence starts in the moment of perception, how a sperm and ovum merge to form a new life, and where was this life before?


In all major religions human life is but a passage from a world without time to the mass and physical realm. What happens in perception is the physical allowance that attracts the human essence (spirit) and only when spirit and the physical vehicle (body) merge the new born baby is called by name and becomes a citizen of planet Earth. By becoming a new citizen it has rights and a duty, the problem in the modern world is that those rights and duties are mixed up so the human race deviates from its destiny into complete chaos.


If the main aim of human beings would be to create as much money as they can, then the human body would be built differently, what about 20 fingers to count bills?


The basic physical human body was built for survival. If we would be only survivors, religions wouldn’t exist. Religions developed from human beings' attempt to connect to a higher essence, as from the simple awe about the complexity of our body and the world around us. If it wasn’t for this aspiration to decipher the code of existence, there wouldn't be any need for the human brain or any difference between humans and animals.


The spirit is conducting the driver, which is the brain, to explore more about its destiny and not be subject only to survival needs. The brain operates all the time on drive or reverse mode, seldom do we find a human brain in park but is possible during deep meditation and is known as Nirvana.


The understanding that human life is part of a higher essence and that there is a connection between the divine force that guards us means that all human beings are connected by unseen threads from the electrical activity of each individual and from the spirit encapsulation which is a higher entity manifested in physical form.


The core essence is always from the inside and radiates to the outskirts of the hosting body, just as with stars and galaxies so too with human beings on planet Earth.


'As above so below' speaks about the similarity in pattern, form and action between the biggest formations in the universe and the smallest, molecules, atoms and human behavior.  All that exists is for a reason; it is my life quest to decipher this reason.


In the art works I created in the As Above So Below series I tried to express in color, shape and common symbols my own awe about human existence, my personal path and the deep understanding that I am part of the infinite universe with a whole life study and inquiry journey.


Have magic in your life

Ted Barr, NYC, March 2015