Deep Space Series

"… but in the right proportions, our reality is the void, especially when you consider that planet Earth is less than a grain of wheat in the Milky Way galaxy and the Milky Way is less than an Atom in the known cosmos."

Observations in the Void

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Human Formation Series

"Everything is connected; everything has its cycle of living and transformation."

Everything Including LIfe is Temporary

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Cycle of Life Series

"In these paintings I try to express my belief that human life is but a journey with no beginning or end, that there is a distinction between our limited and short physical embodiment, and our eternal spirit that has its own cycles.."

Life for me is a miracle

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TITLE: CONCEPTION 4TH DAY Four days after conception multiple cells start to form the embryo’s organs. No organ can be identified at this stage. The first organ to be formed is the heart at the fifth week. YEAR: 2010 TYPE: Original MEDIUM: tar, oil, acrylic SIZE: W – 180 cm H – 100 cm D – 3 cm FRAMED: No PRICE: $24,000