Pure Tar, 2014

Girus 11, 2007

tar, oil, acrylic

from the Deep Space Series

Artist Statement


I believe in magic in movement and in the existence of a greater power that created the universe we live in. From a very early age I asked myself questions about the origin of life, gazed at the dark skies and wondered what my connection to the stars is. When I found the Hubble telescope images it was, for me, a revelation and I started to paint galaxies and stars. My next revelation came when I saw Lennart Nilsson's inner body photography. I then created a new series of paintings, the Human Formation, depicting embryos, sperms, ovum and the development of inner organs in pregnancy.


Painting the biggest forms, galaxies, and the smallest, molecules and cells brought me to define the main theme of my art 'As Above So Below' that speaks about resemblance and unity in our universe.


The third painting series emerged from DEEP SPACE and HUMAN FORMING and is called Cycle of Life. In this series I try to express in color and form my awe of existence from living as a human being at this specific time where everything is possible.


I believe in sharing all that I know and learned and for this I travel around the globe teaching workshops and delivering lectures about my belief in universal sharing and unity. 


In my attempts to gather the energy of the universe with my artistic production I wrote four basic rules that are applicable to any human being and object in space.


There is no celestial element that stands still. Movement in the universe is spiral shaped. Organized movement is also the basic feature of every human being.


There is no celestial element that stands alone. Planets are bound to suns, suns to galaxies, galaxies to clusters. Just as children are bound to their mother, families, communities and countries.



All celestial movements manifest in cycles, as the human cycle of conception, birth, growth, childhood, adulthood, old age and disappearance of the physical body, so suns are created by condensed gas, attracting matter and spiral movement by mass reaction. The end of a star's life is known as Super Nova which dismisses its remaining matter into the universe.





There is a constant evolution through the ray of creation. Everything in creation changes, appears, disappears and transforms. If human evolution takes about a hundred years, a star's evolution is about ten billion years. In this respect we need to consider proportions and seeing reality as it is. We are but a tiny unnoticed part of creation and our being and destiny should include cooperation between all living creatures on planet Earth.