How many times have you heard this sentence - and what then - usually it comes with no question mark, just as a remark of the unknown or disbelief.


'And what then' means that nothing is certain let alone guaranteed, but people keep on striving to get there. Where is there? This is the real story of human life because getting there is the story of Sisyphus, when you reach the peak you have to do it once again with another peak.


There is no end for achievements as there is no end to our known universe. For each new galaxy that is found there are billions of galaxies hidden from the eye. For each human aspiration, cause, feeling, thought or action there are billions of other possibilities hidden from the eye, dormant, waiting for the right moment in time to emerge.


People living in the 'what then' attune all their energy toward the future as they live from one emotional peak to another climbing endlessly to fulfill a black hole within their soul, but a black hole is never happy with what it has it wants more so it swallows more light matter and sometimes entire galaxies just to relieve its never-ending hunger.


The 'what then' people won't look you in the eyes and won't listen to your stories, they are preoccupied with their next hill, their only interest is whether you can assist in the journey to the next hill and after that they'll find another companion.


Meditation and higher forms of religion are about the 'what now'. Now is the moment you live in, everything is happening now, nothing is guaranteed not even the next moment. Just as a star, that was formed ten billion years ago, collapses in seconds into a Supernova, so too does a fragile human being that lives 0.0000001 of a star's life.


The psychology of human beings is based on living forever, if it wasn't this way people would do only whatever elevates their souls instead of dealing with hate, criticism and petty things. This is the reason that religion has such a powerful effect on human beings, throughout history all religions offer a sort of free charger. You want your battery 100% full? Join our church. You want to secure your afterlife? Pray five times a day pointing towards Mecca or fast for the quickest road to heaven.


The new religion should be based on the now, not the 'what then'. Now is the time for being everything else is an amorphic option.


Have magic

Ted Barr